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Python bootcamp

This webinar covers the basics of Python - everything you need to know to start working with Python code in Grasshopper

In this webinar, I introduce the programming language Python and how it can be used within Grasshopper to extend the functionality of our generative models.

When we work in Grasshopper, we define the logic we want the computer to follow using a set of components that represent individual operations that work together to accomplish the goals of our model. We can think of this as following a functional approach to programming since the algorithm is defined as a set of functions that get executed one after the other based on a set of inputs.

With text-based programming languages like Python, we can use an imperative approach, meaning we can tell the computer exactly what we want it to do in a very detailed and prescriptive way. This type of programming opens up many new possibilities for our generative models, including working with complex data and creating more intricate logics than what can be represented on the Grasshopper canvas.

At the same time, text-based languages have a steeper learning curve than visual interfaces like Grasshopper. Luckily, we don't have to choose one over the other. Using the Python component, we can write Python code directly within the Grasshopper canvas, and integrate it with the rest of our model. This creates a hybrid approach, allowing you to use Grasshopper components when it's easier, and add Python code when necessary to accomplish specific things that are difficult or impossible to do in Grasshopper alone.

Sessions in this webinar series:

The first session in the series introduces Python, how to get started writing Python code in Grasshopper, and basic ways of working with built-in data types as well as importing geometric classes from the Rhino libraries. The second session takes a step back and discusses the 5 basic elements of programming while showing basic implementations in Python.

Python bootcamp
1Intro to Python
2Elements of Python