Automation consultants for the building, product, and manufacturing industries.

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Automate your design workflows.

What is Generative Design?

If you're a professional in the architecture, product, and manufacturing industries you've probably heard of the recent advances in technologies like AI and wondered how they may impact your career and profession in the not-too-distant future. Generative Design is all about applying the latest computer technology toward automating and enabling new design workflows. Colidescope is team of designers, researchers, and software development experts that can help you tap into this amazing technology to make a real impact on your work.

Our step-by-step guides introduce you to the concepts behind Generative Design and the software tools you can use to implement computational techniques in your design workflows. View all guides

Live webinars go deep into technical topics and provide hands-on training on a variety of computational software techniques. View all webinars

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